feeling. HOME 2023 — in progress


How do you feel when you are at home? when you think about home? 

What is HOME?

— Is this something you can touch and take with you? things, materials

— is this what you think about? memories, events  What is HOME?

In the project I explore the theme of home through sensations and feelings from different places. It has become especially relevant for me over the past few years, in connection with events taking place in my home country and beyond.

From 2022 to 2023, I traveled to different countries and lived most of the time in India. We stayed in different places from 1 to 100 nights and each time we created our HOME from scratch. We acquired the necessary things for life and new feelings. Feelings of place, feelings of home.

I have been researching and living with the theme of home for a very long time. In 2014, I left my parents’ house and moved to live in St. Petersburg, where I had no friends and didn’t know the city, but there was an incredible feeling of being at home.

During the journey, I realized that a person gets used to everything, adapts psychologically inside and outside. I realized that for me personally, all previously existing boundaries and social concepts about home had been erased. I don’t want to “put down roots” and become attached to one specific place. I want my HOME to be where I am. For me, HOME is, first of all, a FEELING. This is a feeling of comfort and warmth of the created atmosphere where at a given moment in time I live and it doesn’t matter 1 night or several years. These are the things that fill “my home” and create a mood. These are thoughts.

In the project I explore different materials that are part of the physical house — wood, stone, ceramics, paper, fabric, plastic, metal, glass. The sketch on which I depicted the shape of the house was taken as a basis. Such a dear and familiar image to a person from childhood.